• Desire Lines - Lara Shipley

Desire Lines - Lara Shipley

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Desire Lines follows old and new movements through the desert landscape of the Sonoran borderlands of the United States and Mexico: paths taken by migrants and border agents, of missionaries and conquistadors, of indigenous people and industrialists. The messy and at times violent collision of peoples has created a region that defies the harmfully simplistic narratives so frequently attributed to our borders.

Shipley’s photographs focus on the disorienting experience of this landscape – a place of beauty or danger depending on the perspective of those moving through it. Deceptively empty, the landscape is under constant watch, heavily surveilled and controlled, with an ever-increasing military presence that has seeped into the lives of residents in surrounding communities.

Section sewn, OTA-bound with printed paper covers, two inserts
170 photographs, satellite maps and archival images


Paperback: 208 pages

Dimensions: 17 x 22.5 cm


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