• How To Cry at Work - Justin Kerr

How To Cry at Work - Justin Kerr

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New publication from Justin Kerr (2020)

A guide to navigating the emotions of the workplace and the daily ups and downs of working with other people, How to cry at work focuses on improving your emotional performance so you can be great at your job. Crying, yelling, stressing, complaining, comparing, jealousy, anger, frustration—this book even has a crying calculator to help you figure out whether you're crying (or yelling) too much at work. This is the third installment of Justin Kerr's corporate survival guide series which includes How to write an email and How to be a boss

Chapters include:

  • Dealing with disappointment
  • How to cry at work
  • Managing stress
  • Hangry vs. Healthy
  • Situational awareness
  • Emotional performance
  • Good vibes

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