• Jovi Schnell Silk Scarf

Jovi Schnell Silk Scarf

$ 110.00

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25 X 25 IN. 100% Silk Scarf

Artist Card, 1 set miniature dice,

Teal gift Sachet.


The scarf is a print of a painting series I made using dice as a chance based strategy for color placement and composition. I had 20 colors numbered and used a 20 sided die. When it would land on the number 10 that would prompt me to roll a 6 sided die and I would paint that unit teal blue and the number of pips that rolled up on the face of the die, etc. I was trying to mimic the logic of an algorithm and be a computer. I also pulled phrases out of a bucket (that I called my Brain Dump) for the text that would show up. I forget which number called out those selections. Hahaha. Not a very good memory drive on the human computer. I suppose the works are the data memory bases themselves!

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