• River's Dream | Curran Hatleberg
  • River's Dream | Curran Hatleberg
  • River's Dream | Curran Hatleberg

River's Dream | Curran Hatleberg

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First Edition, Second Printing (Blue)
Casebound with dust jacket
152 pages, 65 color plates
11.5 x 13.5" 
ISBN: 978-1-942953-50-0

Published by TBW Books River’s Dream, the latest monograph by Curran Hatleberg and a complete realization of the series exhibited at the 2019 Whitney Biennial. 

Hatleberg is known for traveling America, guided by intuition, to create scenes of American life and landscape. Working collaboratively with the people he meets, he recounts intimate stories of family and community. Here, in the follow-up to his first monograph Lost Coast (TBW Books, 2016), Hatleberg centers his narrative on the dog days of summer. Sweltering heat, dripping humidity, lush vegetation, and screaming insects– River’s Dream is a pulsing and episodic hallucination of life lived outdoors. In these sixty-five photographs, we move through swamps and groves, front yards and junkyards, encountering moments of haunting mystery and beautiful impermanence. Heightened by formal repetition, echo, and refrain, everyday scenes take on surreal, allegorical qualities. In the end, Hatleberg leaves us with the impression of memory, where the past is never gone, but appears and reappears endlessly, as in the flickering of a dream.

This book includes new texts by Natasaha Trethewey and Joy Williams written for the publication. 

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